Ghost blog theme: “Zeitgeist”

Already quite a while ago a new blogging system was released, running on NodeJS, and it’s getting all hyped now. I joined the bandwagon of theming and decided I create a little theme on my own for this brand new blogging system.

The theme I call: “Zeitgeist”.

Basically a play with words on the name of “Ghost” and to add a bit of timelessness to my own creation.

I’ll be writing up a whole post dedicated on the creation of the theme, but for now we’ll just do with an announcement. The theme is build on top of the Zurb Foundation framework and is using some nice Javascript plugins (one of them written by yours truly). Also the font I’m using on my own personal blog website,, is an unofficial support to a Dutch typographer/designer Exljbris. The distributed theme doesn’t come with it, but with another Google Fonts one, but as a recommendation I would suggest using the one I’m using: Calluna and Calluna Sans.
The theme still needs some finishing polish and tweaking. So once that’s all done and wrapped up I’ll be writing something about the process of making it.

For now, enjoy it right here:

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