Dapper & some rubber stamp realised

The reason for a rubber stamp

Right when I started to design the basic logo for Dapper & some I knew there had to be a rubber stamp made once the logo is done. So when I finally finished the logo I started to design the rubber stamp.

Getting to the slogan

Dapper & some rubber stampThe first iteration of the stamp design was a very simple and empty design to get a feel of what the stamp should look like. Later during the process I got some more ideas from looking around what other stamps look like and what style I’d want to stamp to get. So I started experimenting with some visual elements of support and also trying to find a nice slogan to fit the stamp.
Some slogans I tried were just too simple, no deep meaning or just too short or long. Then I started looking at some slogans that survived the years, if not hundreds of years, and trying to fit the meaning of those into the design. The slogan that got the honor is a part of a quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”.
The part that I like about this quote is that it’s basically saying you should be working your way towards the starts, but always keep your head clear and your heart pure. Essentially the meaning of being ‘dapper’.

Asking for feedback

Once I was finally satisfied with the looks of the stamp I took it to some friends and colleagues, who have more experience in design, to have their feedback on it. They came back with a lot of positive and constructive feedback that helped me make the stamp even better. Comments like “You got to keep in mind the ink that’s going to fill up the whitespace between elements” really helped me to make the design clean and ready for ink stamping. Which also led me to thicking some parts of the decorative elements on the ridge of the stamp.

Crafting to production

Dapper & some rubber stampWhile I was letting the final design sink in and mature for a few days before taking it to a craftsman for production I was researching online a bit about stamp making. This is how I found several other stampmakers around the country and also some bloggers writing about the stamps and designs. Which gave me a small tingle inside me to get on a train and go visit the stampmakers to see their workshop and get inspired even more. In the end I finally settled on a stampmaker in Amsterdam to get it made. So I went there and showed them the design and also got some good feedback from them. They even told me if a line is fairly thin it’s still possible to get a good stamp out of it. That just confirmed my current design even more, but just to make sure it comes out even better than I wish for I went ahead and made the two lines on the edge just a slight bit thicker and rounder. Then I sent them my EPS file by email and only a few days later they emailed me back saying these exact words: “De stempel ligt klaar!” (“The stamp is ready!”, in Dutch).
Now having the stamp within my own reach I just want to put my mark on everything I own, like a dog marking his territory. I’m very pleased with the outcome of the design and the result of the stamp. Even for a front-end developer like me, designing good looking things like this just puts a hat on my pride.
Dapper & some rubber stamp realised

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  1. Hi – I am working for a company and we want to have a custom rubber stamp of our logo and we are located in Amsterdam. Would you mind sharing who you used to create your custom stamp?